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In summary, Kate is more than just a wrap skirt—it's a celebration of the ocra palette and the natural beauty it embodies. With its sunset-inspired hues and versatile design, Kate invites you to embrace the warmth and elegance of the season, wherever your adventures may take you.


€ 165,00Price
  • The Entournée skirt is designed to fit all silhouettes, it can be worn both on high waist or mid waist. The skirt can be fastened on either the left or right side and the bow can be worn at the back  or laterally. Based on your preferred fastening, the split will appear in front, on the side or at the back.

    • Length: 115 cm
    • Composition: 100% Co
    • Details: Super light weight, cotton voile, falls smooth, light transparency
    • Made in Italy
    • One size

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