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You wear, we plant

We have decided to partner with One Tree Planted.


For every article that you buy we will donate 1 euro to plant a tree.

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46% of world's forests are already destroyed

Arch McLeish Finds Beauty In Barren Land
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We up-cycle

We don't print

We use natural fabrics

We up-cycle pre existing material to give it a second lease of life

By using fabric which is already made we avoid pointlessly producing 44 lattes worth of CO2 and 67k glasses of water.

Natural fibres make sustainable materials which are renewable, biodegradable and lightweight.

We keep it simple

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Our packaging is simple, we only use paper and yuma. What matters the most is inside!

Wrapped Gift

We use end of series textile

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our product by using exclusive end of series fabrics.

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